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Yes, The Competition Won’t Stop: iPhone 7 Exploded Too

Everyone got shocked when an owner of iPhone7 uploaded exploded images of his phone. It seems like the competition between Samsung and iPhone would never end either in a good way or a wrong way.

It is a fact that the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world cannot stop themselves from copying each other. Though Samsung has improved its quality during last years, but it is famous for copying Apple. It was sued many times by Apple for stealing its design and technology. It is also said that Samsung had created an internal document in order to copy iPhone pixel by pixel. Apple is not innocent in at all and copied various features of Android in past years. And it is an obvious fact that Apple would never be able to make larger displays if Samsung had not paved that way.

This time, things went way too far…Apple was getting jealous that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is stealing the airtime of iPhone7, so Apple built the exploding smartphone too.

Yes, The Competition Won’t Stop: iPhone 7 Exploded Too

All jokes putting aside­, and before other websites go crazy with this news, I would say this seems an isolated incident.

The images of exploded iPhone 7 are posted by a user of Reddit “kroopthesnoop” a day before which shows a matte black iPhone7 Plus that seems like it exploded. However, it is not like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery problem; iPhone 7 exploded in transit as per the owner of the phone. When he took it out of the box, this is what he found.

Details are limited right now; something had happened between the factory and the delivery. This is what the entire owner said about it on Reddit.

Apple has not commented, nor UPS has said anything, but both will have to interrogate this matter when the owner of the phone contacts them for replacement.

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