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Xiaomi Mi Mix, Review

Not long ago Xiaomi meant moving with money almost impossible to beat, and still maintains that concept in most of their phones , which is what is giving reputation in the world market and the main reason for people to buy their products. But the Chinese manufacturer has taken a step in a different direction this time.

Xiaomi, in a display of power, has released the My Mix , a terminal that has a number of features that allow you to reduce the frames beyond the dream for many of us. It is a large , mobile, yes, but much smaller than it would any other terminal 6.4 – inch screen. But what else does this phablet bring us?

The most colorful of the Xiaomi Mi Mix

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Possibly the most surprising phone just by looking at it a few years ago, you do not even have to get to name the amount of awesome things you have, with your physical appearance is enough. Especially surprising when you turn the screen and displays the near absence of bezels .

It is the phone’s screen effect all gets, even ahead of Sharp Aquos, and this s and note both sight and ready for use . In order to suppress almost completely the frames have had to make authentic virguerías when placing the frontal camera in the inferior part and to suppress the speaker of call and sensor of proximity as we know it.

For calls, the earpiece hidden under the screen and sounds are emitted by vibrations. Xiaomi has yet to work on this aspect to improve the sound quality in calls. As for the proximity sensor, it has had complete success in using the ultrasound in a completely effective way.

But do not neglect the rest of the design, as well as large and unframed, is a smart phone, built in ceramics . The bad thing about this is that it is very slippery, but Xiaomi wants its users and includes a leather case so that the phone does not get out of hand. As for the size, despite its 6.4 inches, it is quite comfortable when compared to other terminals with the same panel.

Besides surprising in design, it is powerful

Xiaomi Mi Mix

As a phone whose official price (something else we have to pay in Spain) is around 600 €, and being Xiaomi, we can not expect it to have bad specifications, much less. It is a phablet that, besides having a design that turns heads wherever he goes, has power in abundance for what should pound with games of last generation.

Since it can not be otherwise, your processor is the latest Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 821 , a quad-core 2.35 GHz and a GPU Adreno 530. As for RAM, we have two versions, 4 GB and 6GB with storage of 128 GB and 256 GB respectively , which, as usual in the Chinese firm, can not be extended (as if necessary).

The large screen has a size of 6.4 inches and has 2,040 x 1,080 pixels resolution. Its battery is not far behind to have a capacity of 4,400 mAh that will keep alive this giant. The rear camera of this device is of 16 MP with PDAF whose results are upgradable, while the front is of 5MP .

As for software, comes standard with Android 6.0 Nougat under the manufacturer ‘s own layer, MIUI 8. If we buy this terminal, we would have to pay today, 886.95 € to having to import it from China, a price High, but that assures the user that he has something unique.


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