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Xiaomi Mi 5s Looks Like A Merger Of Apple And Samsang

Chinese cell phone upstart Xiaomi has uncovered its reaction to Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and it seems to be the strongest yet in a long line of amazingly equipped smartphones at low costs. Xiaomi has been making cellphones that look, feel and are named comparable to the most recent cell phones of Apple and Samsung, and that have a remarkable amount of power and polish for their cost. Officially, it is sold in a couple of regions, however, importable to Australia without any problem. This company runs a profoundly modified version of Android that somehow works like iOS.

Newly announced Xiaomi Mi 5s is a dual-SIM phone, having a 5.15-inch screen and it seems that it is a merger of Galaxy and iPhone together. Xiaomi Mi 5s seems to out-innovate the Apple and Galaxy with its new features and tricks. Just like the iPhone, Xiaomi Mi 5s has 128 GB inbuilt memory and pressure sensitive touchscreen that makes you press it firmly in order to access the additional options.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Looks Like A Merger Of Apple And Samsang

While using an ultrasonic scanning technology, the sensor used in Xiaomi Mi 5s is rooted below the glass on the front of the phone. At the event of a launch, Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s  CEO explained that this technology made this phone more durable because it is easygoing with dirty fingers and less likely to get dirty itself.

Xiaomi Mi 5s has 4GB RAM, which is more than iPhone. It is powered by the latest processor of Qualcomm-the Snapdragon 821 which offers a good rate of performance and faster data with excellent call quality.

Xiaomi Mi 5s has a camera similar to the Nexus camera, which is made up of Sony Sensor with a low resolution relatively (12MP). But it uses large pixels for better sensitivity. Irrespective of its flagship guts, the price of Xiaomi Mi 5s is 1999 Yuan in China or about 390 dollars.

No one knows whether this Xiaomi Mi 5s would live up to its lofty vision according to its specification sheet or not, but as per its history indication, it will be the impressive flexible and powerful smartphone with a low price and nice design.

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