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A World Without Screens: An Augmented Reality of Facebook

On Tuesday, Zuckerberg gave a speech at Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference, which highlighted that while the company is turning its efforts to enhance augmented reality in the phone and screen, its ultimate goal is to have a single Gadget that is capable of ‘governing them all’.

“We all know where we want to go,” Zuckerberg said during the conference. He added that “we all want glasses or contact lenses that look normal, but that superimpose all kinds of information and digital objects on the real world.”

Zuckerberg did not confirm that Facebook is working on the construction of glasses or contact lenses at the moment, but said that this technology is not so far. Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Snap and the Magic Leap are already focusing their efforts on the development of similar types of products.

Facebook works on an augmented reality platform from your phone. The inaugural conference F8 talked about this platform which will work on your phone and allow recognizing objects, placing virtual data about them and improving existing ones.

Zuckerberg wants the real world to be based on what is seen through mobile. “There are many applications that make reality augmented but no one has built a platform yet,” said Mark Zuckerberg during F8. Augmented reality in the phone camera and from the Facebook app will not require hardware or external software; everything will be done from the app, with the native camera and using the specifications of the phone. He announced augmented reality comes to Facebook to enhance Virtual Reality.

In 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus to enhance the use of glasses. Now recalls a bit saying that the important thing is the camera of the smartphone. It is based on the augmented reality success for games like Pokémon Go.

Developers who want to start using this feature can do so starting today. However, Zuckerberg was positive and at the same time cautious about the time it takes these functions to reach users.

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