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Why is Console Gaming getting outdated?

I know a lot of people who got over console gaming ages ago, probably since the dawn of Xbox era. Not only has the technological innovation brought a change in the taste and choice of the gamers, but it also has changed their gear. The competition between the PC gamers and the PlayStation or Xbox players has been taken to a level where it not only specifies the high standards of the gamer but also shows a difference in class.

Considering all these facts, the following are the basic reasons behind the dying trend of PlayStations.

Incomplete versions

Shipping buggy, one-day updates and incomplete versions of the games have become the modern culture. Various gaming companies have a knack of introducing the game in the market even before they are completed. They expect to finish the product later by counting on the consoles to download the updates automatically. However, developers usually face disappointment in this respect as gamers tend to show laziness in downloading. Probably waiting is something unbearable while in the midst of a twisting stage of the game.

High prices of the games

Not all the good things in the world come without a price tag. Same goes for the games. If you are an apt gamer you must be fully aware the cost a good game takes. This is observed mostly when you have to pay a fortune to play the complete version of a game or need an internet connection to download updates or reach another level. Getting DLC is another 50 bucks there.

No recessive compatibility

Umm, gaming consoles are expensive? Yeah…Right! You have paid a high price to get your hands on your new Sony PlayStation Shingen. You the station in front of your HD screen and start your FIFA 12, but it’s not working? Maybe there is something wrong with the games, but hey it’s just that you are trying to play a classic game on your new PS4 which, unfortunately, does not support it. I know. Unlike PC games, you cannot play all of the older versions of your favorite games on your new PlayStation.


PC Games rule

PC gamers are currently enjoying all the specs that video games can offer as compared to console players. Xbox and PlayStation do sound cool but there is no comparison between their low specs and HD experience of PC games.

No customization

Consoles spend their whole life with the specs they have been bestowed with, whereas PC games keep up with the latest trends and can be upgraded with the additional rigs. Consoles were never meant to be customized unless you challenge yourself and become a modder, whereas with PC games memory and graphic issues can be solved with just a switch of hardware


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