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Why Apple iPhone 7 Plus Has Two Camera Lenses?

With every passing day, smartphones are becoming more and more advanced in every aspect. With the ever increasing trend of posting selfies and photographs on social media, camera is one of the most important features of any smartphone. The latest Apple iPhone 7 Plus having dual camera has been the one of the hottest topics this year. This is not the first time when a smartphone has a dual camera. Previously, LG’s G5 and Huawei P9 also came up with dual cameras.

One may think, why exactly do these phones have dual cameras? The answer lies in the smartphone camera lenses fixed at the same zoom level. The digital zoom ruins the quality of the photographs taken. Taking good snaps while zooming requires greater depth which may require hardware changes in the camera. The second camera present in the iPhone 7 Plus is a 56mm, 12 Megapixel “telephoto” lens which effectively gives the phone a 2x optical zoom. You can further zoom up to 10x using the digital zoom in the software.

The iPhone camera is also capable of giving the Bokeh effect. Much like the photos taken through DSLR camera in which the background is blurred. This effect gives the image a depth-of-field impression. Both the camera lenses in the iPhone 7 work together to create a depth map. Smartphone cameras are not capable of producing this effect, but thanks to iPhone 7, a faux-Bokeh effect can be produced.

The cameras of iPhone 7 also come with an upgraded image signal processor (ISP). This sensor has a much faster capability to calculate the focus and analyse the noise reduction and colour in a scene. The sensor also removes the rolling shutter artifacts caused due to flickering lights.The camera also comes with improved optical image stabilization.

Apple iPhone 7’s camera specifications have been really impressive up-till now. We’ll have better understanding of the iPhone 7’s camera result once we start getting reviews from the general public.



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