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Whatsapp Video Call Is About To Be Launched

Whatsapp video call seems to be launching soon. As per the news, the video call feature is operational in few of the Android app of the beta builds while following the fresh arrival of the Facebook-owned messaging app in the Windows Phones. Although Apple had also updated its iOS app last week, but it still did not support video call that time.

Android Police had first spotted the arrival of the video call on Android, and it was found that the users of the beta builds could get access to the video call through the updated interface of the app.

Those who have the Whatsapp video call version on their phone are able to hit the call button to make a call or click on the contact card. People have to choose between a video call and standard in the case of clicking on the contact card. Moreover, call log will also display all the calls either made via video by choosing the camera icon, in place telephone icon.

Whatsapp Video Call Is About To be Launched

One cannot make a video call to another Whatsapp user who does not have the video call support in his/her phone.

Before getting excited about Whatsapp video call, remember that the Android users had already used the video call on the beta build which was released in May, but Whatsapp removed it later.

Whatsapp has tried bigger updates in the past in the similar ways. For instance, video call was tested on Android few months before, and then it was tested on iOS.

The time for video call launch on Whatsapp is ripe since it tries to be a competitor. Failure in getting this feature could give space to Google Due which is also about to be launched to gain the power with the smartphone users since video call is getting popular.

Duo works with Android and iOS both unlike Apple’s FaceTime. Google has split up the video and text apps, Allo and Duo, because of the Duo and Allo integration problem.

Whatsapp has declined to offer its plan for video call while saying, “we do not comment on future product plans or beta releases of WhatsApp.”

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