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Whatsapp Video Call Feature Launched For iPhone, Windows And Android Phones

WhatsApp has yet again succeeded in grabbing the attention of its users with its new Video Call feature. WhatsApp recently declared that over 1 billion iPhone, Windows and Android phone users will be able to avail this service, in the coming few days. For the last few months, rumors of WhatsApp beta experimenting with this feature were circulating on the internet. And because of the high demand of the WhatsApp users, the app has finally gifted it to them.

If you have not received any update yet, then you will not find this option anywhere in the call feature. But as soon as you receive an update for WhatsApp with this feature, tap the call icon present in the top right side of the chat box. The app will ask you whether you would like to make a video call or a voice call. You have to opt for the video call option to start a video chat with that particular contact.

You can switch between the front and back camera while using the WhatsApp Video Call feature. And similar to the conversations, there is a mute button to silent the outgoing voice from your microphone. Also, simply tapping the red phone icon hangs the call up.

These video calls are completely encrypted to block unauthorized eavesdropping of the snoopers. An additional advantage of WhatsApp Video Call feature is that it is a cross-platform app which is available for all three types of operating smart phone systems. Now WhatsApp can give a tough competition to chatting apps like Google hangouts, Skype, Messenger, Viber and Facebook.

Rumor has it that WhatsApp is in the phase of installing two-factor authentication. This feature is under testing for the latest beta version of WhatsApp and will give additional security for the chats, saving the trouble of identity theft. WhatsApp also added camera features for the users through which they could draw or add emojis stickers on the attached video or photo messages, not to mention the animated GIFs feature.


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