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What Is Snapchat And How To Use It?

If you just installed Snapchat on your smartphone and you did not open it until its popularity exploded, we are here to tell you how to take advantage of it, use it properly and use tricks that you might not have known.

What is Snapchat, what is it for?

Snapchat is a mobile application that allows you to send photos and videos that are automatically deleted after a certain time of being viewed. It also has the option to share photos, videos and text while chatting. Snapchat for iPhone and Android is one of the most popular app and has seen tremendous growth around the world.

The application was launched in 2011 but since then, it has continued to grow, first in the United States, Europe and recently in many Latin American countries like Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. But, why such popularity of this mobile application? What is its appeal? In a nutshell, Snapchat offers a practical solution to how one shares private and temporary photos, as well as quick videos (only 10 seconds per video) and a temporary chat where everything is automatically deleted.

How to use Snapchat

Using Snapchat is simple and it is possible that this is the main reason for its success:

Upload photos and videos

To share a photo, simply open the application and just press the circular button you see on the main screen.

To share a video you just have to press your finger on the same circular button and do not release until the end of the 10 seconds or before, according to your preference.

Snapchats in My Story or Private

If you want to share a Snap in private, you must follow some of these two steps, according to your comfort:

Open the application, take a photo or record a video, edit and, before publishing, select if you want it to be public by selecting in “My story” and show it to all your contacts, mark a friend if you just want to send it to a person or Mark several to send in a group.

If you just want to start a chat you just have to slide your finger on the screen, find the contact and swipe again to go to the chat section. There, in addition to sharing text, you can also send photos or videos (following steps one and two) by pressing the yellow button at the bottom.

How to add Snapchat friends or users

To add a contact, just make a couple of touches within the application in the upper right on the gear icon where you can access the search section.

When clicking on the search icon, you can write the username of the contact you want to add. Once the contact is found, look from the (+) sign in the right end, click on it and you just added a new friend to Snapchat.

Edit photos and videos in Snapchat

Another striking feature of this application is that we can edit the photo or video in a very simple and very fast manner before sharing it.

Editing a photo

Snapchat offers editing options and self-destruct features for photos:

Self-destruct time of a photo: at the bottom left you can press on the clock icon and choose how long the image will last.

Write by hand: Before moving on to the effects, in the upper right you can click on the pencil icon and choose from hundreds of colors what you want to write or draw freehand.

Effects in Snapchat: if you already added color and the time to show you can start adding effects by sliding your finger to the right or left where you can add Instagram style filters, photo time, temperature and speed. If you touch the screen you can add personalized text and move it from top to bottom to fit better with your photo.

Once the edit is finished, just proceed to share with the arrow on the bottom right.

Filters for Snapchat

Filters in Snapchat are one of the most used functions within the application because they help give a more original look to your photos or videos.

But, what are Snapchat filters? Basically they are layers that you can add to your photo or video after recording it but before publishing it. A filter can add a layer of color, you can add the speed at which you move, increase or reduce the speed of a video easily.

There are also the Geofilters, the most popular, because they show with per-designed names, the locality where you are, from a country, to a city or a neighborhood.

To activate the filters in Snapchat, slide your finger down, click on the icon of Configuration (gear) on the capture screen and locate the option of Filters function.

In the videos, the editing is similar since we can add effects by sliding the finger, drawing in different colors, adding the time and, of course, adding text. As a useful addition you can choose whether you want it to be published with audio or without it by clicking on the speaker icon in the lower left.

Snapchat Cheats

Snapchat integrates options that come disabled by default and if we enable them we will be able to take better advantage of their potential. To activate these functions you must enter App and slide your finger to the right, enter the options by clicking on the gear icon to access the Settings> Additional Services and activate the functions of:


Front Flash

Spatial text

Repeat (replay) is the option to repeat or re-watch videos and photos uploaded by your friends after 24 hours.

Number of best friends

Upload photos and videos saved on your phone

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