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Useful Facebook Settings Which You Probably Not Using?

  1. Read Hidden Message

There are many people who do not know about two inboxes of Facebook. One is used for the messages from people who are your friend on Facebook, but the other one is the message from those people who are not your friends on Facebook. If you are unaware of this second inbox, then you definitely have missed several messages by your friends’ friends or any other person of your acquaintance. You just need to click on the icon of “Message” and then tap the “See Filtered Requests.”

  1. Check Where You Signed In

If you forgot to sign out your account on any other PC, you need not worry. You can click on “Setting”, then “Security”, and then tap the “Where You’re Logged In”. This will help you track all the login details at any browser. You can log out of the browsers you want by just clicking on
“End Activity.”

  1. Be Sure You Would Not Be Cracked

If you are not satisfied with the security system of Facebook, you can simply use the “Login Approval” from the “Security” tab. The system will need a password while logging from any other device. You will also need to use the password which will be sent to your cell phone when you will login onto your page from an unknown device.

  1. Choose A Friend Accountable For Your Account

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your account if you die? Facebook is giving you the opportunity to select a person who will take care of your account by tapping the “Trusted Contacts” from “Security” tab. These people are not allowed to publish a post or chat on your behalf. They can only change the profile picture and answer the friend requests.

  1. Choose the Posts You Want To

“See First” and “Close Friends,” these settings ensure your interest in the information being posted on your timeline. “See First” places the posts of those people which you have chosen at the beginning of the feed, but it does not alert you to the new posts like “Close Friend” option does.

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