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How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC?

There is no denying the fact that playing games on PC with keyboard and mouse bounds your interest in the same way like when you are playing it on Xbox or PS4, but then this is a fact too that the gameplay relished through controller cannot be beaten by any other handheld device. A person playing GTA V on his PS4 can give you a tough time when it comes to playing it on PC.

So we have come up with the solution. We are going to tell you how you can use your Microsoft Xbox 360 controller and make it work through your PC games or emulators.

For this tutorial, you may use a wireless controller but it will complicate the troubleshooting of the process. So it is better that you take a wired controller the one from Mad Katz will do fine. Other things include; copy of ShowOff and a copy of Xpadder and off course a video game or emulator.

Testing and Installation

Installation process of the controller would prove to be a walk through the park. All you’ve got to do is plug the wire of the controller in one of your PC’s USB port and wait for hardly 10 seconds before Windows detects the attached controller and installs the necessary drivers for it to start taking input from it.

In case things do not go as planned and the PC refuses to accept or even detect the presence of your controller then you have to run a test. In case your windows lack the required drivers for the installation, you can always download them from support page of Microsoft Xbox 360 controller.

To run a test open the Start Menu>type joy.cpl and run. A Game Controller box will appear. If you will click on properties, it will show the properties of 360 controller, while clicking on advance will let you switch between controllers.

Now select the Test tab and have a go on all the buttons show before you. If they are working fine then there should be some kind of response as you move any control or press any button. In case you receive no response then go back to the first option and download the drivers.

In case the response is irregular (opposite to the control response), then go to the Settings Tab and explore the configuration button. This button will instruct you to calibrate and correct each joystick and button.

Configure the Games and Emulators to Select Custom Buttons

An easy way of configuring the game inputs is through BSNE. BSNE provides out of the world services for high customization and emulates more than 8 consoles including Game Boy, Super NEs and NES.

In order to configure BSNES; download>extract folder> run the BSNES executable. After it is launched go to Settings>Configuration>input. From here you will see a number of options to select the required game system to be configured by BSNES.

Below is a demonstration of keyboard remapping of SNES controller’s buttons to Xbox 360 controller’s main buttons.

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC?

Mappings in the BSNES are normally keyboard based. You just need to remap the shortcuts of button from ZXAS keyboard configuration. There are buttons on the controller and one needs to click two times on the mouse and click the button on Xbox controller like so:

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC

You just need to repeat this process for the buttons you want to map with Xbox controller. Now, it’s time to test it:

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC?

Configuring the Emulators and the Games with the Limited Customization Options

Configuring the emulator or the game when it accept the gamepad buttons, presses it as legitimate input, and makes it very convenient to setup controller as you are able to customize each and every button according to your desire. And if the game does not accept those customized inputs or if it accepts, they are limited to the mouse clicks and the actual keystrokes?

In case you’re in that circumstance, you’re not in a tough situation. On account of the devotion of Jonathan Firth, the one-man coding operation behind prominent Xbox design device Xpadder, it’s customizable to outline Xbox controller’s contributions to whatever console and mouse inputs the diversion obliges you to utilize. Not just does Xpadder work magnificently with the Xbox controller; however it’s adjustable to work with any gamepad or info gadget perceived by Windows. There’s a flourishing group of gamers making exceptional profiles for Xpadder for each gaming gadget under the sun. We should investigate introducing and arranging Xpadder.

Xpadder is a compact application, once you buy the application and download the executable, you simply need to pick an organizer for it and gone through an exceptionally fundamental beginning setup. We stopped the application in our Dropbox/Portable Apps/organizer. On first dispatch you’ll see some data about the application, navigate until you reach:

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC?

Here you can select to have the profiles and other data saved either in your My Documents organizer or the area of the program. We keep our compact applications clean so we picked to keep the information with the Program area.

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC

Next, we can choose to associate the different profiles of the XPadder with app. We select the file to spare our time in the future.

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC

When you’re setting up the extremely insignificant establishment design, you’re kicked into the primary application interface. At this moment it looks quite uncovered as the application accompanies no default controller design. Luckily setting up one is simple and once you’ve mapped out your controller you can utilize the layout to make profiles for every game.

You’ll require a base picture of the controller to make mapping out the controls less demanding in the beginning. You could make your own particular sans preparation, yet that is a great deal of exertion when the work has been accomplished for you. It’s an ideal opportunity to hit up the Xpadder controller database and choose the arrangement module for our controller. We truly loved the clean detonated catches style picture in the Xbox 360/Official Xbox 360/class by Oke Doke and picked to utilize that as the base of our production.

To utilize the picture just right snap and duplicate it in your program, then tap on the little controller symbol on the upper right half of the Xpadder interface to get to the menu. From that point, tap on Settings to make your controller profile. From the settings menu, tap the Paste button to paste the controller image.

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC

Once you’ve pasted the picture in, you can start tapping on the sections in the route sidebar like Sticks, DPads, and Buttons. Every passage will manage you through pressing the buttons on your controller. Every time you allocate any button, you can drag it to the suitable place on the visual guide we simply pasted into the interface . Click OK to come back to the principle interface.

We should pause for a minute to spare out clear default arrangement before we began altering it. Tap on the controller symbol again to pull up the menu and select Save As. We spared it with a clear title for the future reference:

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC?

Now we have a clear slate to allot every button on our gamepad a particular value. We should return for a minute to BSNES and imagine that the application totally did not permit us to arrange the buttons other than the default ones.

Utilizing Xpadder we can  stretch bypass any game with altered buttons by relegating those buttons as we see fit. The default in BSNES for the four essential controller buttons is the task of console keys ZXAS for Super NES buttons BAYX. While assuming that we couldn’t reconfigure those buttons, we can relegate the console qualities to the buttons by tapping on the particular button we want to assign in the Xpadder. Doing as such pulls up a virtual console like so:

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC

While using virtual keyboard, we can also assign keys of  ZXAS keyboard to  BAYX buttons on  Xbox controller like so:

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on your PC

Proceed with the way toward doling out the buttons until you’ve mapped all the vital button for game interface beside Untitled Profile to spare your amusement profile. You can make the same number of profiles as you wish for your different recreations and emulators.

Here’s a case of Xpadder being utilized to control a skirmish character in the well-known game Diablo III with a 360 controller.

While customizing the controller, the profiles give you fine-tooth control over the outcomes. You will spare yourself a great deal of time by going to the Xpadder group and snatching one of the several game profiles different gamers have created for you.

Stay tuned to get more details!

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