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The Most Anticipated Games Of December 2016

These are the  most anticipated games that are going to come in December 2016.

Werewolves Within;

Werewolves Within is a multiplayer VR game from Ubisoft. It is modeled out of favorite party games like Mafia and Werewolf ‘, where each player is randomly assigned by different roles, with different abilities. The game exists by talking to the other players to find out what roles they have and sometimes lies to the other players to hide their role – in this case, centered around who might or may not be a werewolf. It’s chaotic, competitive and, frankly, a little exciting.

Indeed, not a unique concept, but this type of game that is being introduced to VR gives people the opportunity to experience a “game match” in the usual VR comfort.


Supergiant Games is bringing Bastion, it’s the only debut role-playing game, to Xbox One next month. The company announced on its blog,

“In anticipation of the current port, owners of the original version on Xbox 360 will get copies of the new free version.”

On December 12 Xbox One owners can pick up Bastion, while the deal for those with the latest gen version is valid until January 1, 2017. Otherwise, the game will cost $ 14.99 at launch, at Just like on Xbox 360 now.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom;

Shiness is an Action-RPG developed by Enigami indie development studio, which will allow you to travel in a captivating universe doomed to destruction from the fragmentation of planet Mahera …

Shiness offers its unique language, created entirely just for this mythical world. This intricate language helps players feel totally submerge in the world of Shiness. The orchestral soundtrack, composed entirely by the director of Enigami Hazem Hawash, only enriches this extraordinary world even more.

Each character also has its special abilities used outside the battle, vital to solving the many puzzles scattered throughout the lands of Shiness.

Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun;

Shadow Tactics is a hardcore tactical tactics game set in Japan around the Edo period.

Take control of a team of mortal specialists and place yourself in the shadows among dozens of enemies. Choose your approach to infiltrate powerful castles, snowy mountain monasteries or hidden forest fields. Set traps, poison your opponents or completely avoid enemy contact.

The group is composed of very different personalities. Working together as a team seems impossible at first. However, in the course of many missions, you gain confidence and make friendships. The characters develop their dynamics, and each member will have to face their personal demons.

The Dwarves;

The Dwarves is a role-playing RPG video game. It has music composed by Benny Oschmann. In the game, players must find their way through various maze-like, medieval environments, while fighting a variety of monsters using a broad range of weapons.

The game is based on the novel The Dwarves, by Markus Heitz. On June 3, 2016, a beta version of this game was released.

There was a campaign on Kickstarter that raised $ 310,091 for the development of the game until 2015 and 2016. The Dwarves are going to be published by EuroVideo Medien and made available on GOG.com.

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