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The Best Graphic Card According To Your Needs

This is an ultimate guide to your bucket list of getting the best graphic card for your gaming desktop. Well if you are ready to spend a hefty amount on purchasing the best graphic card in the market, then you definitely do not have to bother about the phrase ‘throw money down the drain’ (Not every good thing in the world comes without a nice price-tag).

Before you dig into the details of the most suitable and efficient graphic card to run your VR and 4k games, let me clarify few things to you. Games run with ultra-settings, and high resolution will ultimately perform jerky with a 2GB RAM, but the same memory will perform better for 1080p high settings. The best option that you are left with is to upgrade your card.

Well, coming to the card selection, currently the best graphics card in the United States (ignoring the price) is the Nvidia’s GTX 1060 3GB card. With this powerful card, various games break into ranges as high as 1080p.  But just in case you cannot handle the superior attributes of this gear, DX12 is the other option for you. For those living outside of the UK, RX 470 4GB is the best choice that comes at a lower price.

With the games like Doom Vulkan and Hitman DX12, RX 470 has an upper hand over the GTZ 1060 and the pattern is continued with games like Forza Horizon 3 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that is supported by DX12. RX 470 can run CrossFire and has the edge over 1060 3 GB, with little less performance and cost dependence.

To have a halt-free gaming experience, it’s better to customize the vision on 1080p medium-to-high rather than ultra. And in case your card is capable of giving better performance with high fps, run StarCraft II, Dota2 orLoL on it.

Those in possession of R9 380 or GTX 970 do not need to upgrade but do look for newest models. It’s not a good idea to invest your money in a preceding cohort of graphics hardware. Stay connected for more helpful guidance.

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