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Switching to Google Pixel is Now Easier Then Ever Before

Moving data form one phone to another is always a mess and consumes lots of time. Most often we have to sacrifice some of the data during the process.

The new device Google just released is now equipped with latest state of the art features to help us move our data form one phone to our new Google Pixel phone. Google Pixel comes with a new device called the OTG device or adapter. This device is a quick shift adapter which helps us to move our data safely and quickly.

This adapter can be used with all Android phones with Android 5.0 or higher. It can also help us to move data from Apple I phones, but only works on devices with IOS 8 or higher. OTG is considered as one of the most advanced and most unique way of switching smart phones.

Switching to Google Pixel is Now Easier Then Ever Before

Very easy to use and very effective in results. All you have to do is to attach your devices to both ends of the adapter. Now sign in to you google account, remember you cannot do this until you are signed in with your valid Google account. Once you are connected and logged in you can easily chose which data you need to transfer.

This is the latest and most advanced way of transferring data between to smart phones. Android 7.0 can also do the same but it involves much effort. Android 7.0 use NFC for data transfer, and you have to upload all of it by your self. IOS users also have to go through the same process. This is yet to be decided that OTG adapter will remain associated with Google Pixel or it might come in with Android 7.1.

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