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Steam Is Selling Hardware Accessories And Skins For The Steam Controller

After the much-talked Steam overhaul, the ultimate game-hub by Valve is all in the mood of selling hardware accessories and skins for Stream Controller.

Currently, 4 types of skins are available for the Steam console namely blue/white Aperture Laboratories skin, blue/orange theme, gray camo design, and blue camo. Three of these are specified themes for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. These are available for $7 dollars each after 30% discounts until 3rd October. A hint of Steam Link can also be added with the available choice of CSGO skins also being sold after 30% discount.

Steam is also eagerly offering accessories that go well with their Controller. The first one is a custom battery door that is perfect to keep your wireless receiver safe offered at $7 for a limited time, and then there is a spare wireless receiver currently available at $9.  The third accessory is a case to protect and save the controller, wireless extender, a pair of AA batteries and wireless receiver, with the discounted price of $14.

Steam has some bundle deals to offer too, so check those out before the discount offer ends up and keep checking for more updates as there will be more accessories coming up.

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