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Who is Stalking You Right Now? Let’s Check It Out

There were always stalkers in this world, but to check who is stalking is of more concern. With the dimension of the internet, these terms take on another meaning. Communication through social networks is different and makes us wonder who is really a stalker, and how can we protect ourselves from these psychological manipulators on the internet. Stalking is a form of harassment, but stalking social networks do not have to be outside of them as well. They can cause us the same suffering. In both cases, we are victims and we can act to get out of a stifling situation, but first, we need to know how to do it.

The person who sees your Flickr photos or who gives Like to all posts is not a stalker, but simply an acquaintance who wants to know more about your life is a stalker. Luckily, we have gotten several ways to reach up to these “stalkers” on social media.


There are lots of dodgy-looking apps such as “who viewed my profile” which are easily downloadable and show us the number of desperate Facebook users who visit our profiles. Although, these sites do not allow us to find out the persons who visit our profile, but these sites keep a track of all those friends who check out our ephemeral Facebook updates.


Twitter is heavily built around the opinions and news instead of personal activities and pictures, so stalking on Twitter is not a much worrying matter. But there is still ways to check about the persons who view our updates.


Just like Facebook, we can also check the persons who visit our Instagram stories. If our account is public, and the people who are not our followers can also watch our stories. In such cases, we would know about their name which is only visible to us. If our account is private, then the non-follower would not be able to watch our stories.


LinkedIn, the professional social media network is considered the most generous network. “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” is the central feature of LinkedIn to know about the stalkers. It notifies us whenever a person visits our page.

We cannot view those viewers who chose to visit our page in the private mode, even if we have a premium account, but we can turn the tables on our stalkers by choosing “Anonymous LinkedIn Member” under “Profile Viewing Options” from the privacy menu.

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