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How To Sell Your Old Stuff Prior To Black Friday

Set aside the old stuff and make room for the new one because it’s Black Friday round the corner. With so many variety of stuff on sale, you can keep your fingers crossed for good and economic deals of quality hardware that will surely back up your PC gaming collection.

Since myriads of games have been released this year and you wish to get the most out of them, you need to make sure that they are adaptable for your PC. Also if you wish to get your hands laid on some higher quality graphic cards, you need to make some room for them too. But here is the catch, even with the deals on, quality PC hardware is not easy to get but hey, you can always sell the older stuff to get handsome amount of money, right?

Prior to Black Friday; allow us to help you in the preparation of this prestigious event by selling old stuff to get the fresh ones.

1. Decide what to sell

If you are ready to give up your old PC to be replaced with a new machine, then it’s better to sell it away. But if your PC is old enough to run only the first edition of GTA, then selling it might not be a good idea. I mean who would want to buy a 2007 graphic card with 4GB RAM? And if there is someone out there he would definitely not fill your pockets with your desired money. However, if some of you prize some of your PC parts then surely you can earn some money. Strip your old AMD Radeon R9 295X2 out, put it up online for sale and earn cash for your GTX 1080 that you have waited to buy.

2. Where to sell?

The answer to this query is simple and common; eBay. All you’ve got to do is make an account and follow the instructions told by the site to get the most out of it. You also might have to search for the market price for the used item you are about to sell. For instance you might wish to sell of AMD Radeon R9 295X2 of $275 but won’t be getting it out of the high demand. So keep a lookout for the prices that others have put up for the item in similar conditions like yours. You may also search for the recently closed auctions which might give you a better idea for putting an appropriate price tag on your item. Also be cautious of selecting the right category for your item. This will make your item more searchable.

Another effective option is Amazon Marketplace which do not offer auction button unlike eBay. So you will need to put up a justified and fixed price.

3. Weight and measure your Postage

Measure and weigh your item before selling to get to know the cost of postage. Although you can invite the purchaser to come and get the thing from your place but very less are attracted to such offers. Then take a focused and in-framed picture from different angles to let the people know what they are buying. Either fix the price of your item or allow the people to bid until the set time is over. Once a deal takes place between you and the buyer, wrap the item carefully in several sheets to reach the buyer unharmed. Communicate with the buyer once the package lands in his hand and let others know on eBay of your great services.

4. The easy way out

Okay so you don’t have time to set an account on eBay or amazon but still wish to sell your item as soon as possible? Letgo is your rescuer. It is an app that sells and buys goods of people, with the help of your geolocation.  People living nearby you are able to locate the best things being sold near them and it’s easy for them to come and pick the item instantly. The app supports an instant chat feature that allows direct and quick communication rather than emails and phone calls. But this app is only useful for the native of United States of America. The rest can make use of the other mentioned means.

5. Okay then, Craigslist?

 If none of these platforms suit you then you have Craigslist at your service. This website lets you select the region on its home page and allows you to post your add with “post to classified’ button. The selling list can be narrowed down and the similar method of setting up the price, image and email address for approach is followed. The site however is less official as compared to eBay or Amazon.

So prepare for the Black Friday now and sift through all your old rejected gear. Who knows what relic you may find!

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