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Secrets Of Google’s Allo Chat That You OughtTo Know

Google has just launched its new app “Allo” for chat but according to Edward Snowden, it’s dangerous to install “Allo” on a phone because it records all the details for the company.

The app came with a robot which guards each and everything people talk about and records it for the future analysis in order to its enhancement later. This means that all the chat would be stored on the servers of Google and Google would be able to read that. Although, the company has claimed that all the information would be recorded temporarily confining any impact of the data breach while retaining the users’ privacy.

Secret about Google You Should Never Ignore


But now it seems that Google would not be doing it at all, instead, it will store all the conversations. Google is going to use this data for the app enhancement such as introducing the feature for smart replies. This will let the app read all the conversations and find out how people usually talk to each other. It would then use that data to give the suggestions that what they trying to say to the friends.

Edward Snowden warned that Google would possibly be able to use that data later to target ads at its users. Their conversations might include some sensitive information, which could create problems in case of any disclosure.

All these dangers led Snowden to tweet warning people not to install this app. He has already called Allo “dangerous” when Google just revealed it in its conference at the start of this year. Although Google offers its users to switch into the “Incognito mode” which keeps the conversation end-to-end encoded so that Google cannot read it, but this is not a default mode which leads lots of features of this app to break while making it a chat app.

Secret about Google You Should Never Ignore

Google’s spokesperson said, “We’ve given users transparency and control over their data in Google Allo. And our approach is simple – your chat history is saved for you until you choose to delete it. You can delete single messages or entire conversations in Allo”.

He further explained that “Incognito mode” offers end-to-end encrypted messages and people can delete their chat history automatically by setting the timer at a set time.

Are you gonna download “Allo” or taking Snowden’s warning seriously?

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O I c,,, thank you for spreading this kind of knowledge. Really helpful to let the people like me know how our privacy is being compromised. Thank you again.

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