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Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors, Features, & Everything You Need To Know

The Galaxy S7 is the best smartphone you can buy in 2016, so we’re very excited to see what Samsung has to offer in the Galaxy S8 and potentially Galaxy S8 Edge

2016 is proved to be a mixed year for Samsung, with the tremendous success of the Galaxy S7, and the complete disaster of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is telling users to keep their phones turned off and is no longer manufacturing the Note 7.

2017 comes with The Samsung Galaxy S8, and despite the fact that last flagship smartphone of Samsung is a disaster, people are aiming S8 is going to be massive.

The Galaxy S8, as it’s expected to call, is said to be announced in the starting months of next year, and we’re starting to get some real rumors from reliable sources. Namely, the previously-reliable Korean news site ET News recently dumped a whole bunch of rumors about the new phone.

Here what we know about s8 release date, specs, features, and price.

Release date

Some rumors say Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 earlier than we expected to compensate for the loss of Note 7, while others say the company won’t risk such an important device by rushing and getting it wrong again.

Indeed, on 12 October, a tweet from @Ricciolo1 says: “Despite #Note7 #disaster,(ATM) I have been confirmed, no early announcement…#GalaxyS8 See you 2+6 😉 Feb at 7 PM #samsung#BeCareful!”

This tweet seems to be a better way to grab people’s attention and an invitation to Samsung Galaxy S8 launch in February 2017 at MWC.


We can predict that the Galaxy S8 will be announced at MWC 2017 which runs from 27 February to 2 March. Unless Samsung decides to change its tradition and launch it early.


Rumors have suggested that Samsung is planning to remove the home button from the new Galaxy S8’s display and reduce the amount of space on the screen, just as Apple is expected to do next year.

In October A report out of Korea published says the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature some significant design changes as compared to the Galaxy S7, including the removal of the home button.

The ETNews report says: “Samsung wants to ditch the button, instead of to integrate the functionality including fingerprint scanning. Samsung is also planning to banish the bottom and the top edges of display for Galaxy S8.”


Back in September, an NYT report suggested that Apple was also planning to implement a full-screen front by removing the home button, instead of embedding the functionality in the display. It’s expected that both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 will use OLED screen

4k Display.

Sources said: “The screen size of Galaxy S8 is same as Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge; the company has already started securing display panels in two sizes — 5.1 inches and 5.5 inch — from its display-making unit.”

The display is also rumored to transcend from its forerunner’ thanks to a 4K resolution. The main reason behind putting such a high-resolution screen on a smartphone is because of virtual reality. Samsung already has its VR headset with the Gear VR it seems likely that future mobile devices would get 4K screens to showcase VR content better.


Following the LG G5 and Huawei P9, dual-cameras are becoming more of a standard feature of flagship smartphones.

Samsung’s flagship smartphones have known for their excellent camera. why should the Samsung Galaxy S8 be any different? After all, till now the Samsung Galaxy S7 has one of the rarest and imposing phone camera, better even than the Galaxy S6.


unfortunately, recent reports suggest that neither innovation will be ready for Galaxy S8 launch. So, if reports are true, the Galaxy S8 may have the same camera like S7.


It’s becoming apparent that Samsung has VR firmly in mind. Few rumors have leaked about the Galaxy S8’s processor, though it is tipped to come with ARM Mali-G71 GPU, which considered as one of the most powerful graphics chips on the market paired with the 4K above screen.

A report on ETNews suggests Qualcomm is roping in Samsung to help build its Snapdragon 830 chip on a 10nm process in time for the S8 launch, though it’s unlikely we’ll get the Snapdragon variant.

USB Type-C

So far Samsung has opted for the newer version of USB on its phones. it’s about for USB Type-C to make an appearance on the new Samsung Galaxy S8.


USB Type- C is reversible so you can plug the cable in either way round. It also offers faster charging as it’s able to supply more power. The only reason we think of, for Samsung to stick with Micro-USB is to ensure the S8 is compatible with the Gear VR but we feel like a new version of the VR headset is likely to arrive before or with the new flagship phone.


It’s no surprise that no rumors are surrounding the price of the Galaxy S8 yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. According to our estimation, the Galaxy S8 price will fall between 670.76 US $ and 731.74 US $ for the entry-level model.

It’s expected to come with some other features.

While this is not based on any rumors, we’re hoping that Samsung will include some features which made the Galaxy S7 the best smartphone of 2016. Those features include water-resistance, an excellent camera, and a beautiful design.

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