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Samsung blames battery flaws for all the Galaxy Note 7 explosions

You must have heard of all the news about car-fronts being blown up, damage of about $1400 done to an Australian hotel, and hand burned off a 6-year-old, because of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 and additionally them being banned on the flights because of the risk these phones impose. Well, the company has somewhat admitted the incidents to be happening because of a production error.

It appears that technical brains of the Korean company have finally landed on a mutual decision on explosions; as to what is causing all the mayhem. Samsung’s research report to the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards reveals that the brand is guilty of a manufacturing fault that was placing the positive and negative poles in the battery cells; resulting in intense heat-up of the device.

So far there have been 35 explosion cases reported, since Galaxy Note 7’s launch in August. These incidents have taken the world by storm and the government of United States has commended the company to stop the manufacture and warning the public overcharging the Note 7


Earlier this week, Note 7 owners were warned by the Federal Aviation Administration against the use of the device while on board. Samsung, on the other hand, is still on the issue and digging deeper into finding the problem with the device’s battery, all the while considering the manufacturing fault.

Samsung is aiming to switch to China ATL from its current battery supplier; Samsung SDI. China ATL Company is the battery supplier of Apple iPhone batteries. Furthermore, Samsung has announced to replace all the devices with the new ones and is being given a helping hand by Consumer Product Safety to handle the issue more accurately.




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