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Remastered edition of BioShock will actually shock you

Remember the pain of telling your younger brother not to touch your stuff in case they break it? And remember the frustration of not getting any compliance in return? There! The publishers of BioShock seem to be behaving the same as did not pay any heed to our ignorance and have launched the remasters of BioShock1, 2 and Infinite. But there is one good which they did to the PC gamers and that is bringing out the game’s free versions for them, however, BioShock remastered costs around £35 for both Xbox One and PS4.

The catch in this story is that the not much difference can be felt between the older and the remastered versions and… and the good news of PC release comes with the tag of various issues that users have complained about. T

here are lots of issues when it comes to graphical options, sometimes lagging and lack of modification in the menu.

The graphics are not even closer to okay considering this is the 21st Century version. They lack FOV, texture and even shadows. Then there are these random resets, mouse sensitivity and acceleration lags that make the experience uncontrollable and wacky. There have been complains about the inability of skipping the intro. A number of players have shown dissatisfaction with the bad job done by 2K with the old, classy game. I tried the game myself and met the issue of sound drop at times, which felt irritable as this game is meant to be aurally intense.

If you want to go for it, you can but I don’t feel that there is any point of playing a little modified and a bit lanky version of a game which you have already played and gotten over. However, if you still feel the urge to get a hands-on experience of remastered BioShock, then you may find some fixes for the game on Rock Paper Shotgun.

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