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Prototype Images Of Project Scorpio Revealed

Another member of the Xbox family which was in the making has given a sign of its presence; yes we are talking about the latest image of the Project Scorpio, whose image of the device development kit has resurfaced. Since it’s only an image of the dev. Kit so this should not be presumed as the final look of the product. You may have a look at the complete gallery provided by Gamasutra for more information.

According to Head of the Xbox projects Phil Spencer, Scorpio is still a descendant of the family Xbox One. He stated that

“[Xbox One] games will run on Scorpio. Any hardware peripheral you have any game, any app; it is part of the Xbox One family.”

He further elaborated the idea by suggesting that

“Even when you set [Scorpio] on top of your One, it directly portmaps. Like, you literally plug power in, plug HDMI in, it’s all exactly the same,” he continued, before adding that he doesn’t want to disappoint fans who already own an Xbox One: “We have millions of customers that have made a commitment to the Xbox One generation.”

The executive revealed that developers are not being compelled by Microsoft to work on Project Scorpio, rather most of the A-lister developers are keen enough to be a part of it and have the assets from their previous system development experiences, that they are using to make more powerful gadgets as compared to the Xbox One.

Despite the fact that Microsoft has not disclosed any plans or strategies for developing the VR headsets, the Hololens device by Microsoft does fall under the category of augmented reality. Spencer affirmed the rumour, however, that Scorpio is going to be supported by VR.

We are still keenly waiting to get more details of this amazing project which is set to be launched at the coming holiday. As per Spencer Microsoft will not reveal any more details before June however the gamers should be excited and wait with their fingers crossed for their VR game dreams about to come true.



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