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A Preview Of Sony PS4 Pro: World’s Most Powerful Console

Previously we talked about the amazing features of Sony PS4 and today we are eulogizing yet another feather in Sony’s hat. The much awaited Sony PS4 Pro is all set to be out now. This new innovative console is Sony’s dedication to the HDR gaming and vows to offer the gamers with visually splendid and a smoother experience.

Today Sony launched a new video for its soon-to-be-out console PS4 Pro. As per the video, it is going to be the world’s most powerful console with its “super-charged” system.

The video also shows some of the games that are going to be compatible with it namely, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Days Gone, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs 2 and much more.

The console flaunts 1 GB of DRAM and 8 GB of GDDR5 memory; freeing up GPU’s GDDR5 memory. These properties let the x86-based processor run streaming videos applications and operating system at 4K.

Announced in September at the official PlayStation Meeting, the new gadget raised some question evaluating its predictable performance with a major upcoming project Scorpio by Microsoft. However that is due next year and hey, we have PS4 Pro to relish right now. Sony has this opportunity to prove its dominance and prominence in the console and gaming market.

As per the hype that it has attained, PS4 Pro is going to rule the market. Previously condemned PS4.5 and PS4K, PS4 Pro seems to be reversing the fiasco of NPD. The PlayStation will be available from 10th November, 2016 and is going to cost £349/$399/A$560.

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