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Power Packed Gaming Rigs 2016

Gaming geeks know it well that when it comes to playing their favorite high-tech, 3D games, they need a computer system that is purely built to cater their specifications like resolution, technology, and water-cooled, three-way, four-way or overclocked SLI configurations. If you need some guidance as to which system to get to make it worthy of playing a heavy game, this post is going to help you sort this matter out.

Buying a gaming computer may cost you a fortune, considering the integration of high-end Skylake or Haswell processor, a top-end graphics card, and a super-efficient SSD in it. However, all this extravagance will sound economical once you experience these tech-satiated monsters.

Overclockers Asteroid

1. Overclockers Asteroid  

Giving a tough competition to its opponents, this machine is designed to serve the only purpose it could be suitable for; class-leading games. It comes with the enhanced color scheme and water-cooling alignment. Playing even the heaviest games does not make it hot or even loud. It is a LAN-friendly PC that is capable of handling almost every model from VR to 4K gaming.

Maingear Shift

2. Maingear Shift

This luxurious gaming PC here actually handles VR and 4k gaming smoothly (sincere gratitude for Nvidia GTX 980Ti graphics card that can serve the magnificent virtual memory of 8GB). This machine is the perfect leading gaming PC if you could ignore some irksome component problems. Just like the above mentioned prodigious design, this gadget is all set to empty your pockets.

Lenovo Ideacentre Y900

3. Lenovo Ideacentre Y900

Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 is tailored and wrapped in a classic case wrapping but apart from this royalty, it is extremely easy to use and upgrade than rest of its challengers in the market. Except for the unfavorable cable arrangement, the tool-less interior has much space for upgrading and expansion. If you want to buy an exhaustive machine in tad price, get your hands on this gear.

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