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Pokemon Go Hacks, You were waiting for!

Not many games have been able to seek as much attention and attract as much audience as Pokémon Go has managed to get in just two months. Truth be told, Pokémon Go is one of those addicting games that makes the users glued to the screen in search of Baulbasur lurking in the flowerbed or Charmeleon snapping over the microwave oven. And like all famous games, cheat sheet, and various hacks have surfaced to ease the trouble of detecting the favorite Pokémon characters.

Pokémon Go needs no formal introduction, by now even the ghouls living in the attics are aware of the features of the game that use the camera and GPS of your phone to search the virtual Pokémon in your physical surroundings. Coming to the point, here at TechLoonies I have compiled a list of some of the catchy hacks make your Pokémon Go experience, a walk in the park.

Hack for iPhone : Uninstall your Pokémon Go game. Go to pokemongohacks.me and download three files on your computer. Install those files on your iPhone. Adjust one setting and there you go.

Win Pikachu in the Start: Flout the three starters Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander and keep walking. Keep ignoring them until they respawn. It is then that you’ll see Pikachu with them, Go get it.

Find More Pokémon: Visit areas that bear high cellphone traffic or search for a crowded place like tourist attractions, museums, concerts parks (Yeah You got me!). Now you know the significance of living in a densely populated area, right?

Catch the Pokemon easily: You need to deactivate the augmented reality aspect of the game. Don’t make those disgusted faces there, I am well aware that this aspect is the fun creator but it is the only way (apparently) of keeping an eye on the tamer Pokémon for a lengthy span of time. Once leveled up, you may feed them Pokémon Razz berries to make them fall for your catch.

Visit the similar Pokestop multiple times: Slow and steady wins the race; trust this statement and you will be able to visit your preferred Pokestop several times. Pay a visit to a Pokestop, let it turn purple and wait for 5 more minutes. Now just stay put for this long and you’ll be able to hit a similar Pokestop over and over again (And there’s no limit to it).

So here you go, try these hacks and do share your experience in the comments below!




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