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PlayStation 4: Sony launches the update

Sony has announced the software update of one of its biggest PlayStation ever in the history; PlayStation 4. Moreover, the addition of the enhanced console’s interface, facilitating the High Dynamic Range output, addition of folders and tweaking menu screens serves as the icing on the top. The update of PS4; a.k.a. Shingen, comes with the launch of Sony’s two new versions of PlayStation 4; PS4 Pro, a more model that can handle even 4k games and a slight lighter model, both to be launched on 10 November this year.

The biggest modification brought by this update is the HDR proficiency. As PlayStation 4 can run 4K games; the Shingen updates enable it to run the games in HDR, considering you have a Television that supports the tech and other gadgets. It will now support 1080p streaming for remote play, Twitch and YouTube. The update also integrates the PS4 with wired LAN that enable the transferring of data from one console to another.


If you are fortunate enough to have a tech-supporting TV, you’ll observe that the consoles’ UI has been altered. The UI of Sony’s Vanilla PS4 was easy to steer as compared to the Xbox One’s by Microsoft, while the users of regular PS are used to getting stuck in the mesh of menus where they have to browse their files.  Shingen comes with the integration of folder organization, finally catering the demands of the users to be given an arrangement option that assembles videos, games and files without any hustle of abysmal probing.


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