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Play Android Games On Your Windows PC


Have you ever encountered a situation when you badly wished to play an Android game with excellent graphics, but your phone’s RAM or memory deceived you at the spot? Well, I have. It is not at all acceptable to keep installing and uninstalling games just because your smartphone is not capable of bearing the additionally required MBs for the game you have been craving to play.

The good news is that you don’t have to endure such situations now, for we, TechLoonies, have come up with the solution. How about if you have the alternative to play Android games on a better platform? How about it is your PC?

Nox App player is that ultimate free emulator that serves the purpose. This device can run all the Android games on your Window’s PC.  Actually, I shouldn’t be explaining the App to you since it is as easy to use as installing it, and then navigating the virtual Android environment in the similar manner of navigating it on your tablet or phone. However, rather than using your finger, you’ll be swiping and tapping your mouse in this case.

There are games which can be played with the keyboard only and hence Nox comes for the aid. It allows the mapping of the keyboard keys. Press Ctrl-1 to activate this simulated touch or you may simply swipe or click your mouse and press the keys assigned to the commands of the action. The action can be repeated until the work is done and then click on the Save option.

This method is safe for all the games. You just have to visit Google Play Store and install the games in the usual way.

There are other similar simulators out there like Amiduos and Andy, where Amiduos can run Android Lollipop, however, they cannot beat Nox in efficiency and toughness. Nox, although might show some compatibility issues, can also be used for recording videos.




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