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Partnership On AI Aims To Protect Humans And Jobs From Robots

Five tech giants Amazon, Google, IBM, Facebook and Microsoft have come together to create a historic partnership on AI in order to protect humans and their jobs from robots. It is a joint effort of 5 tech giants to ease the general public fears of machines. This partnership has the chances to provide satisfaction to the corporate anxiety about this new technology.

These five tech giants had created an organization to set the rules to protect the humans and their jobs. This step has been taken at the time when there is a public debate about the AI technologies which are made up of many robots and some other intelligent system, including workplace automation and   self-driving cars.

Partnership on AI has introduced a basic set of ethical standards for the scientific research and engineering development and upon which five members have agreed. Though the representatives of the five tech giants were of the view that this technology would be considerably beneficial for the economic and social world, but they also accepted the danger of potential misuse of this technology in different ways.

Partnership On AI Aims To Protect Humans And Jobs From Robots

They further explained their prospect that they have no intention to be an execution organization to compel the technology companies into self-regulation. Instead, they want to enhance the “public understanding” and set examples of “best practices” to work in the artificial intelligence.

Mustafa Suleyman, head of applied AI said “We passionately believe in the potential for it to transform in a positive way our world”. He also said, “We believe it is critical now to start to think about new models of engagement with the public, new models of collaboration across the industry and new models of transparency around the work that we do.”

The five tech giants released eight tenets which are based on Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics” that were published in a science fiction story in 1942. The new principles made by five tech giants include high-level ideals like “We will seek to ensure that A.I. technologies benefit and empower as many people as possible.”

The researchers said they were trying to convince other major companies like Apple and research laboratories, and nonprofit research groups to participate in their organization.

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