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Now Google Will Tell You How Busy A Place Is?

Google has introduced a nifty feature with Popular Times for the search engine a year before which lets people know how busy a coffee shop, restaurant, or a bar is at the given time of the particular week.

Yesterday, it took another step further by making this feature real time. Now, it will tell you the exact line before you even when you start going to your favorite place.

The Popular Times widget would appear when you start looking for the bar or a restaurant in the Google Maps or Google Search. It uses the anonymized data of the location and tells you how busy that place at this time is.

Now Google Will Tell How Busy A Place Is?

As per my own experience, the non-real-time version was more accurate. Although you would not change your time if it gets it wrong but you can always send Google a correction.

As it lets you know about the number of people who are waiting at that place, so if you still manage to get a coffee before the next meeting, the combination of the existing feature and this real-time data will definitely get you at that place on time.

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