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Nova Launcher 5.0 Betas New And Improved

Good news for Nova Launcher lovers. TeslaCoil Software just rolled out the beta versions of Nova Launcher 5.0. INova Launcher is the most popular alternative launcher for power users. It offers powerful customization features to change almost every aspect of the launcher. The developers continue to recapitulate the app with tons of new features and options. It is available in beta version on play store program.


Here is the list of new features of Nova 5.0 beta 1 according to KEVIN BERRY the developer of Nova Launcher.

  • New double-tap swipe gestures.
  • Swipe to open the drawer.
  • New “Timeout” screen lock method.
  • New search view, tabs for Frequent, Recent, and New/Updated app.
  • New Pixel Launcher style search bar.
  • Integrated search bar into the drawer.
  • Option for dock backgrounds to draw under the navigation bar
  • Nougat fixes and optimization.
  • Improve interactions with KLW.

Beta versions are not as reliable because they are not well-tested. Betas are best for people who do not mind when things temporarily break a bit.

Here is a list of some flaws that was reported by Nova 5.0, beta1 users.

  • Dock is going to the top of the screen.
  • Swipe actions on Dock with swipe to open.
  • Some drawer pages are not scrolling.
  • Swipe sensitivity is not working properly.
  • The status bar appears red in the landscape.

The developers fix almost all of these flaws in beta 2 version except “Dock going to the top of screen” that is fixed in beta 3 version, so, for now, beta 3 version is considered the most stable one.

nova 5.0 beta 3

You can grab beta on play store (to grab the latest beta through play store click here). For betas outside of the Play Store, install the latest Nova Launcher APK and enable automatic update checks and update from within the app via Settings > Check for updates > Menu > Beta.

Stay tunned for more updates!

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