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Nokia P1 Leaked Specs or Smart Aquos P1?

Nokia has surely made 2017 a lot promising with its new android smartphones release and some more big ones yet to come. And we are more excited about the due model P1 yet to be launched. However, we are relying on the leaked specs and features until Nokia officially confirms things. This might either end up alleviating our excitement or illuminating our expectations.

Leaked specs, as per a Russian website, state that the device is related to a Japanese phone called Sharp Aquos Xx3 or Aquos P1. The leaked specs of Nokia P1 miraculously are similar to the device but upgraded to cater the demands of the market.

According to the rumors, Nokia P1 will have a 6 GB RAM with Snapdragon 835 processor, to give a boost to its performance, with the option to choose between 128GB or 256GB of internal memory The updated version Android 7.0 Nougat will also be there.

Some more specs supposedly are 5.3 inch1920 x 1080 pixel Sharp screen backed by IGZO technology, for better and smoother visual experience with videos and images. The front Cam is expected to be 12 Megapixel while the back camera would be 22 Megapixel, coupled with a fingerprint sensor.  The phone is said to be and IP55/58 water resistance.

Additional features include a MicroSD card slot, a 3,500mAh battery, usual connectivity options and a selfie cam. The expected price would be starting around $800 reaching to $950 for this highly modified device.

All things said and done, we are a bit confused over the rumors, is it possible that the specs turn out to be of Sharp Aquos P1? Or is HMD Global thinking of remodeling the Sharp phone with Nokia?

But truth be told, even if Nokia turns out to be using the already-used-features of a smartphone, we would be more than happy to adopt them under the name of Nokia’s quality-promising brand name.




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Hammad Anwar

I wonder would it possible for Nokia to regain its lost reputation……. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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