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No Man’s Sky’s Surprise Update Is Out

Hello Games is popular for its crafty games that are enjoyable and intense simultaneously. And with the release of No Man’s Sky, it proved its worth yet again. The game is an exploration adventure of the space where you get to explore huge planets and conquer them by giving names. It is an interesting play and is quite addictive.

Today, to our great surprise, Hello Games has launched an update which is all set to reach your PS4s and PCs. The 1.90 update, although not a major one, looks promising. Now it will not be possible for you to dodge the Antimatter blueprint and recovers the corrupted files with ease.


Below is a detailed description of the added fixes to the game.

  • It is not possible for the players now to obtain the Antimatter blueprint and keep circumnavigating
  • During its compilation, PS4 galaxy generation and PC have been empowered.
  • Now the location of the Starship of the player cannot be confused with visor notifications of ‘docked in station’ and ‘visor notification’.
  • The resource types are now easily be differentiated with the help of Exosuit messaging system.
  • The vandalism detection for the drone has been improved. Irrespective of the powerful tool on the other end, wanted level now goes up.
  • The bug that made the controller prompts to show the wrong button has been fixed now.
  • The Starship and Exosuite messaging system display the accurate number of resources.
  • The discovery menu has also been improved, and the incorrectly played planet can be fixed now.
  • Now all the supported languages are there to support clipped text.

  • The screen menu now shows an errant title bar that had bugs previously.
  • The creature generation crash has also been fixed now.
  • The game crashing issue faced due to the pressing, of the press and hold button, is not corrected.
  • And last but not the least, the availability of the compatible PC and new CPU cores have been fixed as well.




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