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No Man’s Sky reaches PC plagued by faults

No Man’s Sky

After years of waiting today finally came to PC one of the most anticipated games of recent years: No Man’s Sky, which arrived a few days ago Playstation 4 with rave reviews to work by Hello Games, which increased the expectation for those who hoped to play from your computer and apparently is not being what they expected.
A few hours of No Man’s Sky have been released for PC, users have flooded Reddit and Steam with a series of complaints that talk about bugs, glitches, crashes, and a series of problems that make it impossible to play, even if you have power plenty on the PC.

No Man's Sky reaches PC plagued by faults

Optimization problems on launch day

Users are reporting that No Man’s Sky for PC is fraught with problems of poor performance, with a rate framerate inconsistent causing crashes, closures, and problems with the audio that require a restart, which of course has made the people take out the torches before a game for which they paid out $ 60, there are even reports that the game even starts.

No Man's Sky reaches PC plagued by faults

Note that not all users are experiencing problems even mention that by setting a graphical configuration at a lower rate most problems are solved, but the criticism comes from those users with a PC that goes beyond the basic requirements because that is where the game displays most irregularities.
Reddit say they have found a supposed solution that has worked for some, but the problem seems to be more serious than it seems. On the other hand Sean Murray, through the official account of No Man’s Sky on Twitter, it has come to mention that the patch has been applied and gives some tips to update drivers for AMD and Nvidia, however there are still users for which it is unplayable at full resolution. We’ll see how this ends.

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