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Nintendo Switch: A New Video Game System

Nintendo had always offered two different sets of its products: TV-connected consoles and handheld, just like NES and Gameboy. The Nintendo Switch is always a fusion. Today, it is announced that a handheld system, dockable console, and a gaming tablet in one.

Nintendo Switch is like other products in one: a follow-up console to the Wii U, a handheld, and a convertible tablet. It has also focused on the multiplayer gaming, particularly with the people in the same room.

Nintendo Switch: A New Video Game System

The company has announced in the press release that the company has partnered with the major video game companies. Several video game companies developed games for DS and Wii, but these consoles could not make a good sale. Various third-party developers stopped working on these two consoles after the release.

There are two controllers on the tablet which turn it into a Nintendo Wii U-like game. These controllers are called “Joy-Con” controllers. Each has an analog stick and four buttons just like Wii U gamepad.

It is portable like Nintendo 3DS, but it is larger than that. These controllers can detach and then a kickstand comes out which turns it into a tabletop game system like a game controller and an iPad.

It can slide into a dock and turn into a console which is a TV connector. Nintendo has announced many publishers who work on Switch games, Konami, Ubisoft, Capcom, EA, Epic, and Bethesda. The classic RPG Skyrim of Bethesda is featured in the video.

Nintendo Switch: A New Video Game System

Nintendo Switch gives a complete impression of a new platform which can be compared to 3DS and Wii U, but people are shown playing a Wii U game, Splatoon, and small pop-in cartridges in its trailer.

Its price is still a question. Will it be available with Joy-Con controllers, the dock or what would be in the package? Will it be a touchscreen?

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