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New WhatsApp Update Lets You Play With Your Pictures

WhatsApp has been updated recently with the feature to enhance and customize the videos and pictures which its users share with their family and friends. You can write and draw on videos and pictures with this new WhatsApp camera feature. You can also add the emojis to show your emotions.

You can capture a new picture within WhatsApp, or take the picture which is already on your cell phone to use this camera feature. This new feature will be shown on the picture in place of sending option.

New WhatsApp Update Lets You Play With Your Pictures

It is just like the Snapchat doodle tool. Its other updates are related to video and front-facing camera zoom. Images and recording can be zoomed in and out by simply sliding the finger up and down. This feature also helps front-facing flash, which is especially helpful for the users to brighten up the screen and to improve the picture’s quality.

It is said by the WhatsApp that these features are only launched on Android devices yet, but they will soon come to the iPhone too.

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