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New Line Of Arctic Headset Launched By Steelseries For The Devoted Gamers

Today SteelSeries finally launched their innovative series of headsets specifically for the gamers. The headphone is actually made for the benefit and according to the needs of a gamer and do not come with irrelevant jacking up the price.

The SEO of SteelSeries; Ehtisham Rabbani quoted, “Arctic is not a gaming headset. It is a headset line for gamers.” He further added, “that is how we approached the new audio line-up—with a fresh perspective as to who our customers really are and what they want.”

The series consists of 3 headsets namely Arctic 3, Arctic 5 and Arctic 7. Not much was revealed about embedded drivers in them but the indication was given regarding the award-winning speakers. Moreover, the sets support a removable and adjustable headband; a part of the ski goggle suspension design, which can be stretched to fit according to the bonces of almost all sizes and shapes.  In addition to this, the headsets can equally allocate weight on the entire head. The headsets provide the sound quality and comfort of leather with their AirWeave fabric ear cushions.

“We took inspiration from athletic brands and incorporated elements that performed exceptionally under stressful circumstances,” said the CEO of SteelSeries; Ehtesham Rabbani.

Moreover, the three feature on-ear audio handles ClearCast microphone and multi-platform support.

But what sets each headset apart from other? Well, Arctic 3 is basically an analog wired headset that comes with a half-wrap headband and SteelSeries 7.1 surround sound. Arctic 5, however, is similar in design, however, proposes RGB illumination, DTS Headphone: X 7.1 digital surround sound along with a ChatMix Control dial for hands-on access to in-game volume and a USB connector cable.

Having a similar dial and surround sound as Arctic 5, the Arctic 7 is interesting and is wireless with a full-wrap headband. Despite being wireless the company claims that its battery can last for 15 hours and has zero latency with a wireless range of 12m (40 ft). All three can be purchased from Best Buy with the price difference of $80, $120 and $150.


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