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Native 4K To Be Delivered By Xbox One Scorpio; Microsoft Vows

First, it was Sony PS4 pro and slim, now it is Xbox One Scorpio… wow that was quick. When the PS 4 came out we discussed its specs and the most important one revolved around the 4K games that the PlayStation was able to run. And now the focus has shifted towards Microsoft and it is apparent that soon a cold war will be starting between the two competitors over having manufactured the better product. Rather than being a practically standing out feature, the competition over producing better graphics is a fanboy-driven tirade.

The truth is that the resolution offered by PS4 has overshadowed that by Xbox One but the distinction can be analyzed when it comes to color, where Sony tends to experiment with the color, Microsoft tends to give out the console in the hues and tones of black. Moreover, PS4 is already in the league of giving 4K output.

Question… is Microsoft able to fashion a GPU that can drive 4K games? The answer is, probably yes. The possibility is that such a GPU might be having less number of cores but an ample amount of memory bandwidth, which will be 320GB/s as per the official announcement of the Scorpio. Then there is the power consumption issue, playing 4K requires a great deal of power supply to deliver that perfectly refined pixel, and we sincerely hope that Microsoft has plans regarding it.

The tech giant Microsoft has also added  about running its own games in the native 4K; however, the other developers will be given choice in this respect. Ignoring the fact that the upcoming console might be high-ended, it sure has some more surprises in store other than this particular 4K technology.

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