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Most Anticipated Video Games of 2017 (Part 1)

2016 is moving slowly to an end but not before it is giving us some fantastic games to numb our fingers by pressing the console buttons or having aching arms by moving the mouse over a battle, feverishly. But hey, it’s not over yet and we can still keep our expectations high as more amazing games are to be looked forward to in the coming months. But it won’t hurt to look a little more ahead of these months for what 2017 is promising us. Below is the list of terrific video games of 2017 in the pipeline.

Resident Evil 7

Launched by Capcom this year, the game did unremarkably well with its jaw-dropping mutations and giving its players a run for fleeing the blundering repulsion of the creatures. On January 24, the game will embrace a new intriguing character and could be played in the first person. It will even come with the support of Virtual Reality.

Persona 5

The new installment of this RPG adventure for PS4 will arrive on the 14th of February. This installment will make you will be playing the role of a kid who uses his person powers to battles the group ‘Phantom Thieves of Hearts’.

Halo Wars 2
Right after 7 years, Halo Wars 2 will hit the market again on February 21, straight from the proficient hands of RTS masters.

Horizon Zero Dawn

All the animals have transformed into robots, the landscape is as green as prehistoric landscape and mankind has been driven back to live like it used to be in the Stone Age, living in the form of tribal groups and struggling for their survival. This entire scenario will take place 1000 years ahead in future, in the game by Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn. It will be out by 28th of the February.

Injustice 2

As much as Mortal Kombat took the world by storm, Injustice by NetherRealm didn’t catch up the rear either. The video games of 2017 will see a major addition to them with the upcoming game Injustice 2,  releasing in March. You may now have a dual between Lex Luthor against doomsday, Batman vs. Superman, or even Flash vs. Batman. The game will come loaded with the loot-dropping system which will let you gather up your equipment even between a fight, then there will be altering play upgrades.

Stay connected for updates on more upcoming video games of 2017, because I have got a lot more information in store for you!


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