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Microsoft’s Surface Studio: An All-In-One PC

Microsoft’s Surface Studio, an all-in-one PC was released yesterday. It has a 28-inch PixelSense Display. According to Microsoft, it is the slimmest screen ever built, and its display ratio is 3:2. It has a 2TB hybrid hard drive, an Intel Core processor, and NVIDIA GPU. Moreover, it has 2.1 speakers integrated into it and has a haptic feedback controller puck device.

This computer has a distinctive hinge on its back design which makes it flexible for the creative pursuits. Panay Panos, a Microsoft representative, said, “it is designed to change the way people create fundamentally.”

It has 32 GB RAM, touchscreen, and a2TB hybrid drive which combine the HD and the SD storage, Ethernet, Audio, Mini Display Port, four USB 3.0 ports, and a new radial input Surface Dial with the haptic feedback. The ports, speakers, and the drive are placed in the base that is a short square box which lies between chrome supports and under its display.

Microsoft’s Surface Studio: An All-In-One PC

Microsoft’s Surface Studio is designed to engage its users as per Panay. It has 13.5 million pixels which make it a 192 PPI density, and it does not disclose individual pixels without the restriction of the area of viewing according to the Microsoft. It also has a TrueColor feature, which allows the creators to “render the world… as he or she believes it needs to be rendered.”

You can change the color of the space on the fly through TrueColor, which helps video makers who work in DCI-P3 and they can switch to the sRGB to see how the content will display on the TVSs which do not support the P3 color specification.

The display of Microsoft’s Surface Studio has a “linear mic array” which pick up the voice of the user from the room while making it really an integrated Echo-like speaker.

A Surface Pen is also supported by Microsoft’s Surface Studio, and it makes it a wonderful option for the graphic professional.

You can pre-order Microsoft’s Surface Studio, and it will be in stores today. Its price will start at $2,999.

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