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McLaren’s New Sports Car Series Has The Jaw-Dropping Features

McLaren technology Group has been in the news for some days now because of the airy rumors that Apple might be buying it; the most reputable car makers globally. However, McLaren has clearly denied the rumor with a weary attitude.

Now this rumor has raised its head at the most crucial time for the McLaren business as it is about to unveil its most celebrated and high-end range of sports car. Although the company has a prestigious reputation of manufacturing super cars, but this time it has stepped out of its shell to experiment with the demands of the market.

The first car in the series was 570S, released in March and gathered much applause and awe from the customers, this boosted the confidence of the company and now it has emerged with a whole new series in the versatile price range. McLaren is keeping its fingers crossed over the new series that will surely turn out to be a game changer for it.

570S and 570GT are the primaries of the family. Where GT is built to make the travelling to far off places more comfortable, S is good at sport. The cars come packed with a twin-turbo3.8-liter V-8 engine that gives up 443lb’ft and 562 hp. Moreover, S can meet the speed of 62mph in almost 0.2 seconds and both of the beasts can accelerate up to 204 mph.

According to an estimate by and English origin company, The Woking, McLaren’s Sports Series might double the annual profit; equal to 4,000 cars sold in some previous years. And the first time ever McLaren is going to put 570S up for sale in the United States with the sticker price of $200,000. The cars are upgraded with carbon-fiber and come with a number of luxury options.

It would not be wrong for me to say that with this concept and design of a much lighter, faster and comfortable sports car available at the moment, McLaren has pushed the boundaries of a better car much further.

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