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Make Your Prisma Video Using Prisma App

The most famous photo editing application “Prisma” that made the world crazy few months ago is now presenting another feature. Prisma can now make the 15-second video into pieces of art.

Prisma released a few months ago on Android and iOS. This new photo editing application adds few filters on top of the photos but actually it was the case. The application changed those pictures into some sort of art by following the design touches and elements which were used by popular painters. Deep learning algorithms were used by Prisma to recreate the photos from ground up despite editing the original photo.

It got great popularity on Android and iOS and there were almost 10 people downloaded this application on Android, and 4 million photos were edited on i0S. This is free to use and requires no payment.

Recently, this app has been updated by allowing you to transform your photos into 15 seconds video clip by using the similar effects. It makes them seem like a comic strip. These videos are processed on the phone without having an internet connection. There are almost 9 different styles or filters available for transforming the video clip.

This video will take little longer time than the pictures to add the desired effect. Some of the users complained that it takes several minutes for making a clip of 10 seconds, but considering the deep algorithm at work, this much time is expected.

When are you going to make your Prisma Video?

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