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Here Is How You Can Make Money On Youtube

You might have heard different stories about people earning a decent amount of money through viral Youtube videos. These videos relate to a wide range of categories including  informational, entertaining and funny videos. On Youtube, anyone can start earning quickly. One has to be good at managing a strong subscriber base and post quality and original content on daily basis. Thanks to the Youtube Creator Academy, anyone can now learn to earn money with Youtube. To get started, all you need is a Gmail account.

Following is a short guide describing how you can set up your Youtube channel and start monetizing your videos.



Go to Youtube.com and set up your channel. You will need to use your Gmail account for logging in to Youtube since it is one of the products of Google. Youtube channel is a space where you can upload your videos and explore the videos uploaded by other channels from all around the world. Make sure that you choose a username which relates to the content that you’ll be uploading on your channel. If it’s a personal blog or a vlog, you may use your own name. The username should be short and easy to remember.


Once your channel is made, you’re ready to starting uploading videos on Youtube. Try uploading the content that is original and of high quality. Make sure that you stick to the topic. The length of the video can vary depending on the content of the video. Choose catchy description and titles and make sure that you share your videos on the social media. Consistency is the key. You may not get good viewership at first. Try to make each video better than the last posted video. Work on your camera and video editing skills to make your videos look more appealing. People are more likely to subscribe to a channel that follows a certain schedule or posts videos on daily basis.

Tag your videos with word that describes the content present in the video and help bring your video up in the search results.


Building a good subscriber base is the key to increase your channel’s pay-out. More people watching your videos equals more people watching the ads. There are no shortcuts to a large subscriber base. You need to be consistent and have to keep providing quality content. Share your videos on Facebook and Twitter. Distribute it everywhere on the internet. Interaction with the subscribers is another thing you can do to keep the users involved and attracting more subscribers. You can respond to their comments or reply to their queries in your videos.


In order to start earning, you need to enable the monetization option on your videos. This service is currently available in limited number of countries. Enabling this option means that you acknowledge posting 100% original content and there is no copyrighted material in your videos. Once enabled, Youtube will place ads in your videos.

  • To enable the monetization option while the video is being uploaded, check the “Monetize with Ads” box.
  • To enable monetization for a video that has already been uploaded, go to the video manager area and click the “$” sign next to the video. Check the “Monetize with Ads” box.


You can also associate your Google Adsense with the Youtube channel. Google Adsense account can be set up free of cost at the Adsense website. You need to be older than 18 years and must have your own bank account to get your Adsense verified. You get very little amount of money with every click on the advertisement. That is why larger audience is the key to good monetary growth. Before you can get start getting the payments, you need to reach the minimum payment threshold. It varies for different countries e.g. the minimum payment threshold in U.S. is $100.

In the Channel menu, you can go to the Analytics option to monitor your daily performance. You can use this data to increase your productivity and detecting the strengths and weaknesses of the channel. Marketing of your videos on other platforms is the key to larger audience. You can increase your chance of getting noticed by embedding your videos in different blogs and social media. The more views, the better.

Once you get enough subscribers and views, you have an option to sign up as YouTube partner. Youtube Partners get access to better content creation tools and can win prizes for achieving different targets. Almost 15,000 watch hours within the last 90 days are required to join the Youtube Partnership Program.

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