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Jumpshare: How To Make A Free Account and Share Work In Seconds

Jumpshare is one of many online cloud storage services available online. The best thing about Jumpshare is its minimalist user interface and its ability to support over 200 file formats online. It is specifically targeted towards creatives and professionals who require instant file sharing. Jumpshare is a free service that allows you to store your files on the internet and access them through any device that connects to your account. Jumpshare lets you save a file to your computer and watch it immediately on your other computers or on your iPad or Android tablet, Android phone or iPhone. You can also use Jumpshare to transfer files or programs over the internet either through email or through link sharing. To get your free space, simply go to Jumpshare.com and login with your Google Account.

To upload a file, simply click the “Upload” button and select the file to be uploaded. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file on the home screen of Jumpshare. You have an option to create folders and sub-folders. A link for the file can be generated even it’s not fully uploaded yet. Once uploaded, you can view the file, share the file through email, generate link for it etc.

By default, Jumpshare allows you to have a free space of 2GB to host your files in the cloud. If you need more space, it’s just a matter of paying for the Jumpshare Plus account. It lets you enjoy 1 Terabyte Storage. Further benefits in the plus account involves password protection, custom branding, custom domain and powerful analytics. It opens the “Lock”, “Self-destruct” and “Previous versions” actions for the uploaded files.

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