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MacBook Air : New Fifth Generation Intel Core Processor

The all new MacBook Air is now powered by a fifth generation Intel Core processor. Taking forward the legacy of unique design and power MackBook Air still conquer the skies of perfection. You can also check the specification chart for a quick look at its features. Mac Book Air : New Fifth Generation Intel Core Processor

Now with more improved features and more amazing style. Both in 11 inches and 13 inches design MacBook Air has incredible battery time. MacBook Air 11 Inches can last up to 8 hours whereas the 13 inches model can stay live for 12 hours. This incredible battery timing give you an extra edge on staying connected to you work.

Macbook Air

Light and Powerful Ready for every thing

The new fifth generation core i-5 and i-7 processors are capable of delivering almost every task without any hangups. Apple MacBooks have already marked their reliability in the market. The new design is very thin and beautiful. Not just beautiful but this laptop is capable for giving you a who new experience. With 0.68 Inches body it weighs not more then 2.38 pounds, giving you the comfort of caring it any where.

macbook air

802.11 ac Wi-fi Support

Like all other features Macbook Air also have a powerful Wi-Fi device. 802.11 ac base station has taken the speed of Wi-Fi connection to the next level. It is known to be 3x faster then its previous models. It also offers an wide range to give its users an ultimate experience of freedom.

Flash Storage more faster then ever

We know that all MacnBooks are equipped with a flash storage device. Now MacBook Air introduces a new and fast flash storage.  It is more faster then a 5400 Rpm disk drive. It takes the user experience to a whole now level. It wakes up more fast and all other storage activities are way more faster then any other laptops in the market.


More Apps More Fun

Almost every MacBook is equipped with amazing gadgets and application, so that you start flourishing you creativity right form the beginning. The new MacBook Air is now flooded with new Apps and amazing gadgets.

macbook air


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