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LG Gear (2017) Review

Less than two years later, though, and the electronics giant has corrected course some with the line. The LG Gear 2017 model is available in 13.3-inch, 14-inch, and 15.6-inch sizes. They are still very light but add in a lot of new features what was lacking on the earlier systems. Prices start from $1000 for non-touchscreen, for touchscreen extra $100 will be charged for 13.3-inch, and $1700 will be charged for the 15.6-inch version with a touchscreen.

The new LG 13.3-inch model comes with a full HD (1,920 X 1080) IPS touchscreen. It’s a fair deal, especially when you consider its biggest advantages: its light weight, slim and have a very log battery time of approximate 10 hours.


New LG Gear is almost 2 pounds(0.94Kg) and 0.6-inch thickness(15.5 mm), you can easily slip the 13,3-inch Gram into your bag without really feel it. It is light weight but the Gram’s magnesium alloy body just doesn’t have the same sturdy feel as a premium aluminum. The lid had a lot of flex in it.

We can say that the developers focus mainly on light weight and long battery, while doing so they may have ignored the looks. If the looks matter to you, then Gram is not going to be your choice. LG Gear has dark silver chassis inside and out with the expectation of the LG logo on the lid and below the display.

Slim Bezel

Beyond its weight the best thing about LG Gear design, it has the slim bezel around the screen, which means when you open the lid you’re looking at the screen nothing else. Due to a slimmer bezel, the webcam moved to the screen’s hinge so it shoots straight up your nose. To keep yourself entirely in the shot camera should be placed so low at about 90-degree angle.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is flat. The keys don’t have much to travel. The keyboard and touchpad are also looked nice. The touchpad is very responsive. There’s a fingerprint sensor in the upper left corner of the touchpad, just register you print and you are good to go.


LG‘s major focus is on TVs and displays, so what would you expect from a company that makes TVs and displays, the screen on Gram is sharp with good color display and excellent off-angle display. LG contain a reader mode that helps you to cut blue light.

Audio and Other Ports

Few laptop this thick contain the good speakers, but LG built-in DTs headphone X processing for improved audio quality through the headphone. If we talk about the other ports and connections, you will find 2 USB 3.0 ports (type A), a micro SD card slot, on HDMI output and a USB Type-C port.

Battery and Processor

LG Gear has a great battery. It has a very log battery time of approximate 10 hours. On a streaming video test done by CNET, the Gram hit 11 and a half hours.

LG Gear contains 7th generation Intel Core i5-7200U processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 and a memory of 8GB which helps you to get enough power to get through average computer task.

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