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“Letron” Era Of Transformer Has Begun

Most of us grew up watching Transformer series and imagining what would it look like to have them among us, now the time has come. Last week a Turkish company Letvision unveiled a real life version of a Transformer: that is as cool as it sounds, It’s a BMW 3 Series prototype.

Letvision worked for roughly 14 months on this prototype; which got completed in March 2015.

Letvision started with a real car for the transformation, so it is a 1:1 scale representation of what a real robot in counsel would look like. They call it “Letron.”  Letron transforms into a 15-foot robot.

According to Evren Tanrikulu, the head of research and development, an owner at Letvision, a computer is installed in the car that allows them real-time communication with the car through remote.

When Letron is in-car mode, it can turn and move under its electric power, but things get fascinating when you triggered the transformation. The conversion from car to bot takes just under a minute in the video and is accomplished with a combination of electric and hydraulics motors.

Letron has a head, arms, and legs that reverse into the car, so to allow a person to drive the car from inside taking up too much space that is why for now the only option is to employ the remote only.The head can rotate up to 120 degrees, and the software imparts a voice interaction feature. While they don’t have the capability to walk in real-life Transformer yet, the company said with additional funding this functionality could be add.


Letvision wants to sell their cars and is considering what companies might be inquisitive in them for use at theme parks or auto shows. The company has made four of those transformers.

In future based on various car models, Letvision has plans to build more Lutron’s and even hopes that one day they will be drivable in traffic.


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