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Lenovo Yoga Book: A Digital Canvas

Lenovo Yoga Book is offering the most unusual design anyone has ever seen. This two-in-one tablet/laptop hybrid also has a sketching pad “Wacom” which is capable of transforming itself into a QWERTY keyboard. This portable tablet/laptop is a big attraction for creative professionals.

Though it is not as practical as Lenovo’s other devices, but it does not mean that it would not be used as travel computer in place of iPad, Chromebook, or any other small-screen laptop. It fully depends on the consumption versus creation patterns.

Lenovo Yoga Book: A Digital Canvas

One of the most interesting features of this device is its keyboard. It is a 10.1-inch hybrid device which has a space on the clamshell body where keyboard used to be. In fact, there is a button-free, flat surface which changes from drawing tablet to a touch-powered backlit keyboard.

Lenovo Yoga Book: A Digital Canvas

This Yoga Book has an Intel Atom x5 processor, 64 GB storage, and 4GB RAM. The size and overall shape of Yoga Book is simply unique. It is 0.9 mm thick, and its weight is 1.5 pounds.

Its keyboard is known as Halo Keyboard. It is not only an image which has been displayed on its LCD, but it is a Wacom digital surface with a backlit outline. It required users to look down at their hands while typing. It may be difficult for few people, but then again not everyone is a pro in typing.

It has a self-contained system coupled with a headphone jack, micro-USB port, micro-HDMI port, and micro-SD card which is used to supply your dongle.  Battery life of this laptop is almost 5 hours and 57 minutes.

The Yoga Book is impressively light and thin. Its stylus is used for drawing/notes, sketching etc. In spite of its unusual features, this Yoga Book is admirable for its special skills.

If you sketch artist at courtroom or a caricaturist at Central Park, it is one of the most practical devices for almost 500 dollars. It’s simulated keyboard is best just like a smartphone.

Lenovo Yoga Book: A Digital Canvas

So when are going to buy this Yoga Book? Do share your experience with it.

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