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iOS-10 Features and Supported Devices

As we all know, Apple just presented iPhone 7 for its audience, along with new Apple watch series 2.  Also, it introduced the main features of its new iOS-10 software in Worldwide Developers Conference 2016. Complete pack of iOS-10 is not available yet, but its beta version is available publicly for those users who are too curious and want to test the features in advance. As for the availability of complete features and fully packed iOS-10, the company made it very clear on their official website that iOS-10 will be available to every compatible device from 13th September 2016.

iOS-10 logo

So what is it about the rumor of its incompatibility hmm?  You read it right. Unfortunately, the new iOS-10 is not compatible with all the Apple devices. The new iOS-10 does not support the older model including all non-retina display devices. Apple did not go for excluding all the 32-bit devices compatibility, but as I said the older versions are not compatible.

Compatible devices

Here is list of some of the iOS-10 compatible devices;

iPhone 5 and the other advanced versions

iPad Pro both 9.7 and 12.9”

iPad Air and iPad Air 2

iPad 4

Now, let me give you a tour of some of the amazing features that iOS-10 offers.

Swipe to unlock; not anymore:

It’s been forever and iOS looks still the same. Its lock screen has not changed much; now iOS-10 has given a complete redesign to the lock screen. “Swipe to unlock” is gone. Now you have to press the home button to wake your devices. The previous iOS offered single notification, but iOS-10 has added different widgets on its lock screen, and you can do a lot with the lock screen.

lock screen feature

‘Raise to awake’:

It is another interesting feature, but it only works for iPhone 6 and advanced versions; to wake your device just raise it and there you go.

Raise To Awake

Camera and sorting photos: 

Access to the gallery is easier than ever before, just raise your iOS device and swipe left and here you go, too easy.  Searching photos from your devices is not an issue anymore; iOS-10 makes it easy by introducing ‘Sorting photos’ feature. You can sort your photos by face and place. You can also search for a particular photo by date, location or name.


Pre-installed apps:

Yes, it’s true now you can uninstall the built-in apps in your iOS devices. It’s good that iOS devices come with loads of built-in apps, but most of the users don’t even know the use of those apps, so it’s better to bid them goodbye and save more space for your favorite apps.

Pre Installed Apps

Bilingual keyboard:

This feature is a life saver for those who wish to write in two languages, now you don’t have to swipe to another keyboard. You just have to install the 2nd language and then your device will detect automatically the language that you are typing.

Bilingual Keyboard

3rd party SIRI:

SIRI also got an upgrade in iOS-10. Now SIRI is not only linked with APPLE zone apps but also interacts with 3rd party apps. You can use it for sending messages, money transaction and even for the transportation purposes.

new feature mapsSo, these are the top 5 features of iOS-10 that I found captivating, do give us your feedback.

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