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iPhone7 with its Mind-Boggling Specifications

The next generation of iPhone has been released and it has just blown the mind with its far superior performance. According to PhoneArena, almost 50% users of iPhone will upgrade to iPhone7.

iPhone7 with its Mind-Boggling Specifications

Wireless charging is one of the prevalent iPhone7 specifications as compared to any other model. The wireless technology of charging makes the things easier for daily charging of iPhone without any effort of looking for the charger cable. Furthermore, the mediocre battery life of iPhone has been improved in this version. This shows that Apple is not oblivious to the complaints of its users. Its battery life improves up to two hours more than iphone6S.

iPhone7 with its Mind-Boggling Specifications

The screen size of iphone7 remains 4.7-inch but with new designs on display; flash rear camera, sapphire and metal display without headphone jack or antenna bands. It’s water and the higher degree of scratch resistance makes its performance way beyond anything else. It is thinner than iphone 6S.

iPhone7 with its Mind-Boggling Specifications

The camera is considered the most significant part of any phone and this time, iphone7 features 2 larger cameras with 12MP as compared to iphone6.

Another major advancement in the tech world is iphone7 featuring lighting-to-3mm dongle for the connection. Along with iphone7, the wireless AirPods is alternatives to EarPods.


iPhone7 with its Mind-Boggling Specifications

The tremendous power efficient A10 processor is adopted by iphone7. It is thought to be a core of this set according to the reviews. Its A10 Processor takes it to a totally new level while making the best use of GPU and CPU with six cores, reducing the consumption of power by 40%, and delivering 20 % boosted performance.

iPhone7 with its Mind-Boggling Specifications

Another striking feature of iphone7 is its waterproof functioning. It has hydrophobic coating outside and inside with closed design and IOS notification when water comes near to the lighting port. It waterproof standards are considered innovative among the reviews of iphone7.

iPhone7 with its Mind-Boggling Specifications

So, are you ready to buy iphone7?

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Wao, lovely features. Since last a couple of days, I was wondering why everyone is loving it so much. So these are the reasons,,, and very obvious ones.


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