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What each iPhone symbol on Top of Screen Mean?

iPhone has a status bar that brings you a lot of information about the system and what’s going on. Some of them are very intuitive, like the cell phone signal, but others not so much, as Do Not Disturb mode indicator.

Thinking about it, I decided to make a mini-guide explaining the meaning of each icon that appears on top of your screen.

This is, along with the battery indicator, the main icon of your iPhone. This is the indicator of the cellular signal, and each full ball indicates a higher intensity.

This is the other iOS main icon, which is the battery indicator. Only with the visual indicator is it difficult to know the actual battery level, and it is possible to show the percentage in the same along with the icon. To do this go to Settings> General> Usage> Battery Usage and check Battery Level.

This is the Flight Mode indicator. It disables all connections on your iPhone, an important function when you are traveling and want to use your device during the flight – hence the name, very suggestive. But it’s much more than that: turn on the flight mode when you want to save battery power, or at bedtime, for example, so no one bothers you by calling and you also do not get the electromagnetic waves from the antenna of your iPhone.

This is the indicator that your iPhone is connected to the LTE network, super-fast.

This icon appears when your iPhone is connected to another iOS device such as another iPhone or iPad, or even a Mac, using the “Personal Access” function.

This is the sync indicator for iTunes or iCloud. When you connect the iPhone to the PC, it appears.

The above icon is the network activity indicator. When an application is downloading data, it will appear.

This is the Do Not Disturb mode indicator. When this mode is on, your device will not show any notifications. Be smart, because if you are waiting for a message or important call, the phone will not vibrate or make any sound. This mode is useful when you go to sleep or are in a meeting.

This is the call redirection indicator.

This icon indicates that the screen orientation is locked in portrait (portrait) mode. Then, when you turn the device on (landscape mode), the screen will not change the orientation. Especially useful when you’re using your cell phone in bed and shifting position – and the iPhone’s screen is spinning, which is pretty annoying.



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